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Thankful for our home

We didn’t just move into a house this year.  We moved into a home.  Our first house as a couple, our first house as a family.  We are already building memories here.  We brought our baby girl home from the hospital  to this house.  We have painted the walls, hung art on the walls, grilled out on the deck and cuddled on the couch.  We have cooked in the kitchen, poured wine in the dining room and danced throughout.  We have rocked our baby girl to sleep, passed out candy on Halloween and we cannot WAIT to see what other memories we will make here. I am thankful we are able to provide this beautiful home for our beautiful girl.

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Thankful for rainy days.

Yup, I said it. I am thankful for rainy days. Not rainy days that I’m stuck outside in getting soaked, but rainy fall days where the wind whips through the remaining leaves and they fall to the ground outside your windows like colorful snow. I’m thankful for the sound of the rain against the roof while I am able to sit quietly, drinking my coffee, and watch my sweet baby girl nap. Oh yes, I am very thankful for rainy days.

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Thankful for family

We have such a wonderful family both immediate and extended. Amelia is so lucky to have Grandparents that adore her. Being the only Grandchild for my parents, it has been such a blast seeing how much they lover her. It’s slightly ridiculous when I hear Amelia’s Oma tell me not to let her cry for one more second! Pretty sure I had to “cry it out” no matter what the case! HA! Her Grandpa Fred lights up when he sees her and is so in love with this little girl!! 

She is definitely loved by her Grama and Papa too!! I’m pretty sure when her Papa was holding her while she was sleeping his arm fell asleep!! She was so comfy cozy! Her cousin Logan adores her as well which is so fun to see! He often tells his Mom to stop “hogging” her! 

Her Aunt Lorie is her Godmother and made her Christening gown which was beautiful. Lorie was at the hospital when she was born and was the first one to hold her after Paul and I! She was showered with cuddles and kisses when she came to visit her! Oh is this girl spoiled with love!!

My extended family is also pretty in love with this little cutie pie as they have come to visit and also celebrated her baptism! I grew up with cousins that were more like siblings and my surrogate Aunts and Uncles and it has meant the world that they are extending that role onto our little monkey! She is well loved. Her Godfather Nick definitely has the touch with her! :)

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thankful for sweet moments

I have already experienced how quickly time goes by and Baby A will be turning three months old this week and it feels like it’s going at lightening speed!! I just want time to slow down! I am trying to take in every moment, especially with this being the last month of my maternity leave. I am most thankful for the sweet moments I get with her throughout the day. The moments where she locks eyes and smiles. The last look from heavy eyelids before closing to sweet dreams. The smile while she is eating and the milk going down her chin. Even moments where she is crying and I am able to soother her. Every moment spent with her is a gift and I am trying to take in every single one and cherish it.

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Thankful for friendship

I am so lucky to have so many wonderful friendships from different stages in my life. Some have withstood the test of time, some came in and out of my life teaching me lessons along the way. I am most grateful for the friends in my life today as they are truly people who care about me and my family and frankly, are family.

We had such an outpouring of love when we had Amelia. Visits, meals, cards, thoughtful gifts…so much love.  We even had a friend stop by to meet her just days before her wedding! Baby A is so popular!  So many friends who already love our little one! To say it has been heartwarming is an understatement!  It has been wonderful to also have my Mommy friends not mock me when I send my paranoid texts and questions. (“Jenni, look at this picture…are you sure she doesn’t have flat head? I’m totally not doing enough tummy time am I?”)  We have friends who leave the church at your daughter’s baptism early to pick up the catering and unlock your house and set up. We are beyond lucky to have wonderful caring adoring friends in our life. 

We are so lucky to have such amazing people in our lives and I am beyond thankful.


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Thankful for the Library

I am so thankful that we are blessed to have such an amazing library system as Cuyahoga County Public Library. I not only check out books from the shelves, but borrow ebooks on my Nook as well as audio books on my iphone to listen to while I’m driving.  

Amelia had her first trip to the library recently as we went to Baby storytime and she loved it. I hope she finds a love for the library as much as I have.



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Thankful for Faith

I have been blessed to have been raised with a wonderful Church family that allowed my faith to grow and stay with me until my adulthood. I went on my own path to try and find a church that had that same feeling as I had growing up and I thankfully found that with Messiah Lutheran.  I am thankful that my faith has withstood the test of time and many prayers have been answered.

I am thankful that our little one received her first Sacrament a couple of weeks ago as she was Baptized. I pray her faith continues to grow and we are able to teach her how loving God is and that Faith is a journey.  She already has a great start with two Godparents who love her dearly. She is surrounded bygod’s love and the love of friends and family.





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Thankful for my Husband

Being thankful for Paul is something I am thankful for daily, but it seems appropriate to try and put into words how blessed I feel. Paul is first and foremost my best friend. He has seen me at my best and seen me at my worst and loves me regardless. He is my best friend. We laugh daily which is one of my favorite things about him!

Watching Paul become a Daddy has been amazing. Oh how he loves her! He was beyond supportive during my pregnancy, but seeing him with her moves me to tears. He was so sweet in the hospital watching everything the nurses did with her, asking questions, asking a nurse to show him how to swaddle her, etc. To say he is a hands-on Dad would be an understatement.

He loves her and she LOOOOVES her Daddy! I can’t wait to see their relationship grow! I’m grateful that he is willing to be a SAHD when I go back to school and I will know she is in wonderful hands! ;)

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Thankful for ladybugs

To begin my focus on what I’m thankful for, I am over the moon thankful for our little ladybug. She was super cute and looooved seeing all the kids dressed up as we passed out candy. She is so alert and such a happy baby!






Our blessings are so bountiful and I give thanks to God many times a day for choosing us to be this little girl’s Mommy and Daddy because we are so in love with her and so in love with our family.

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Time is flying

Today is the last week of October. My sweet baby girl will be three months old in a couple weeks. THREE MONTHS OLD!!! How can time be moving so quickly? It doesn’t seem possible! These two & 1/2 short months have changed me in ways I never imagined! My capacity to love has grown exponentially. My sweet girl has made my heart grow bigger than I ever thought possible.

As I sit here watching her nap sweetly, I reflect on what I want to give her. I do not want to give her possessions as much as I want to give her experiences. I want her to have traditions more than gadgets, memories more than toys, and above all things love, love, love!

Her personality is really starting to shine through and my heart melts with every precious smile, every coo, and everytime she looks right into my eyes. She is such a sweet girl. She is so alert, starting to engage and her smiles are multiplying!

We are making sure to keep her engaged, love on her as much as we can and every smile, every time she locks her eyes with ours and “talks” feels like a gift. She is such a gift from God and we are so lucky to have been chosen to be hers.  

Saturday was her Daddy’s birthday. Her smile was by far Daddy’s favorite present. :) She is too much fun!

This week is Halloween and she will put on her first costume…a ladybug! She will be the cutest ladybug on the block for sure! ;) She is such a joy to everyone who knows and loves her :) 

We are blessed beyond reason.